An Organic and Unfiltered Podcast by Youth

An Organic and Unfiltered Podcast by Youth

When we started this project, our goal was to produce a six-episode podcast to be an audio version of the articles.

Along the way, however, we realized it was profoundly moving and educational to hear the testimonies of the young people of color who were interviewed for the series

We knew we needed to amplify their voices through the podcast.

So, without total clarity of what we were doing or what the final product would look like, we started meeting weekly with the youth. We rarely managed to have the whole group at the same time. It is not easy to be a student, an advocate, a volunteer, and a producer simultaneously, yet we’re proud of what came out of the process

We don’t yet know how we will continue, but for now, hope these episodes help you get a sense of who young people of color are in Montgomery County — and how they’re no different from the rest of the youth of color in Pennsylvania.

The young people who made this podcast possible are:

Daniely Castaneda Angel – A senior at Upper Marion High School and incoming first-generation college student
Ivianna Littles –A criminal Justice graduate from Temple University who is becoming a lawyer
Avery Managing – A West Chester University graduate
Thaddaeus Pay-II – A children’s rights advocate and president of the NAACP Norristown Education Community
Yesenia Zavala Jimenez – A Norristown-area high school student and incoming first-generation college student

Episode #1 – Duration: 11 min – disParities in education – institutional introduction
A short and sharp conversation about what an inequitable education system means for youth of color. In a dynamic dialogue, Donna Cooper, Children First CEO, and Thaddaeus Pay-II, a college student at Cabrini University and advocate for children’s rights, explain to us from institutional and personal perspectives why the lawsuit against legislators is, so far, the only alternative to achieve fair education in the state of PA.

Episode #2 – Duration: – Youth Group and Podcast Introduction
welcome episode to the students featured in disParties Media podcast. The group of youth share with the listener the goal of the podcast, and who they are.

Episode #3 Duration: 22 min – Mental Health
A frank conversation about mental health for students of color. Students discuss how they dealt with the last two years of the pandemic, in addition to the other pandemic, systemic racism. Listen to their stories and suggestions for solutions. We recommend this episode to those who interact with students in schools, from staff to teachers and parents.

Episode #4 Duration: 19 min – Students of Color and Higher Education
Two students who are in the process of access to higher education ask another student what the experience of applying and entering a career is, being a first-generation student and person of color. If you are a parent, we highly recommend you to listen to this episode.

Episode #5 Duration: 21 min – Persist!
Two students interview Dr. Laura Perna about the challenges youth of color face in pursuing higher education. From the frankness of their experiences, Dr. Perna offers answers for young people and for the educational system in its obligation to fulfill the dream of higher education. We recommend this episode, especially to first-generation students applying to college. We also recommend the episode to policymakers and those who make decisions in education.
Dr. Laura Perna is GSE Centennial Presidential Professor of Education and Executive Director at the Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy at the University of Pennsylvania.

Episode #6 (will be ready to share in one week)
Episode #7 (will be ready to share in two weeks)